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Voice Alarm/Public Address

Research has proven that in an emergency people will react without confusion or panic if they receive a clear, intelligible message. Bells and sounders only give a warning, they do not indicate the nature of the emergency. Phased evacuation using clear, easily understood, pre-recorded, messages ensures that even untrained personnel are evacuated speedily and efficiently.

Developed from the public address industry voice alarm/evacuation technology a voice alarm system has to work when needed during an emergency and is, therefore, fully monitored at all times. A combination of clear pre-recorded messages and live announcements (to selected areas) enable a controlled and gradual or ‘phased’ evacuation.

Fire SystemsEach voice alarm system is designed and built specifically for each project, no two systems are identical. Activated automatically by the fire alarm panel during an emergency, the system will, typically, evacuate areas in immediate danger and alert others.

As well as for the emergency announcements the system is also used on a daily basis for public address, background music, scheduled announcements and for advertising, the voice alarm system is not just for use during emergencies.



Key benefits of voice alarm:

Why use Voice Alarm?

Voice Alarm (VA) systems provide the clearest and most effective way to evacuate the public & staff from a building. With the ability to allow users to control broadcasts for all areas the messages clearly and calmly control the flow of people in stair wells and corridors allowing an orderly evacuation without panic. These messages are supplemented by spoken messages from the fire service or management suite confirming the validity and need to leave the building. This positive confirmation speeds evacuation and avoids the "false alarm" mentality reducing the risk of death from fire.

SFA are able to provide a full design and installation service for voice alarms systems along with a full after sales servicing and maintenance package.


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