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Gas Extinguishing

Gas extinguishing systems are generally used to protect high value and business critical equipment such as server/comms rooms, telecom rooms, switchgear rooms and other high risk areas where water cannot be used in the event of an extinguishant discharge.

Fire SystemsSFA are able to design these systems on a project by project basis, complying with all BE/EN standards and the legislative requirements. There are a number of different type of gases that can be used and the selection will depend on each specific application. The gas is stored in pressurized cylinders and when the system is activated the room is completely flooded with the extinguishing gas to either reduce the oxygen levels to below the percentage needed for combustion, or creates a chemical reaction to extinguish the fire. The commonly used agents are CO2, Argon, Argonite, and FM200 the selection of which is dependent on the application, the level of risk and life safety factors for personnel who may be operating in the protected area.

In order to initiate an extinguishing release the gas system is linked to an electrical fire detection system using standard point smoke detection and or high sensitivity aspirating detection where very early warning is required in critical applications.

As an independent company SFA are able to advise and select the best product to suit your specific needs. Along with our design and installation service we are also able to provide a full servicing and maintenance package for all systems including the following:

Please contact our sales and design team to discuss your specific requirements.

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